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  • What is Dimensions?
    Dimensions is an augmented gaming experience designed to acclimate and familiarize players with the culture of a neighborhood.
  • What is a Portal?
    Portals are the various challenges players must complete to move forward in the game. These challenges vary from puzzles, riddles, observation & logic based clues.
  • How Do You Travel Through A Dimension?
    Once a player has entered into a Dimension, they must travel through the necessary portals to complete their journey. Players can choose to travel through portals on their own discretion; creating a choose your own adventure experience. Each journey is different and no experience is the same.
  • Can I Play by Myself or With A Team?
    We advise you to gather your friends and create a team of 4. This immersive adventure has been designed to put your puzzle-solving & social skills to the test for a fun ice-breaker. You do have the freedom to play the game individually, but where’s the fun in that?
  • What Do You Need To Play?
    Each player is suggested to use their smartphone to complete the various challenges. Certain activities & challenges require or suggest the usage of these mobile apps: Camera (QR Code scanning & Picture Taking), GPS (Google/Apple Maps), and a Calculator.
  • Need Help In The Middle of The Game?
    Throughout the Dimension, there are a number of support team members known as Portal Guides. Track one down as they are there to assist you by answering questions, giving directions or even take your photo. Can’t find one? Visit any page on the Dimensions website and a live chat box will pop-up. One of our digital Portal Guides will be available to assist you in real time.

Game Map

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Loop Map

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Portal Guides

These are your Dimensions Portal Guides:

Julian - Dimensions Portal Guide


Claudia - Dimensions Portal Guide


Precious - Dimensions Portal Guide


Jazmyn - Dimensions Portal Guide


Sommer - Dimensions Portal Guide


Tee - Dimensions Portal Guide


Malik - Dimensions Portal Guide


Dre - Dimensions Portal Guide


Who’s Behind It

We would like to thank our partners in producing this experience: